A luxury bath of relax

Shower or bathtub? The first one is more practical and faster, the second one is strategic to recreate moments of wellness at home. Bathtub has the power to offer beauty rituals where it is possible to relax and regenerate. Diving in hot water (ideally at a temperature between 25 and 27 degrees, not beyond), soaking even for 15 minutes is an invite to live a pure pleasure experience. Belonging to the collections of luxury bathrooms of Maison Valentina  (maisonvalentina.net), two luxury models of total gold bathtubs.

The Maison Valentina’s bathtub in the oval version Symphony Oval Bathtub. Price: 22.590 euro.

The Maison Valentina’s bathtub in the circular version Symphony Circular Bathtub. Price: 25.990 euro.