Delicious artworks by Marchesi for Prince’s baby party

Horses of a fairy tale’s carusel that seem almost moving, a prince’s gold crown on the top of a cake gifting in each tier the emotion of a decor in a workmanlike manner, between chubby puttos, textures of gentle roses, golden hearts, swirls that create the effect of precious fabrics texture. The ceremonial cakes’ collection of Marchesi 1824 pastry, one of the most ancient and noble pastry in Milan (since 2014 in Gruppo Prada), makes you simply dream! These authentic artworks thrill eyes and throat, and are thought to accompaigne and to capture the most important moments of your babies (and not only).

Method: a delicate almond paste realised in a wide range of colours and embellished with royal icing decorations and sugar paste or with hand painted patterns. Unique creations, because every cake is different from another, but each one is realised to meet the needs and tastes of everyone. Price: 13 euro per person for 1-2 tier cakes and 20 euro per person for 3 to 7 tiers. Info: