Golden transparency of a chandelier born in the nature of Azores

Precious and original furnishings inspired by the beauty of nature, seen, explored, enjoyed first-hand, travelling.

She is Joana Santos Barbosa, architect and creative director of Insidherland, portoguese brand of luxury design. Since 2012, Joanna draws scenographic chandeliers, mirrors, benches, tables… The realization of these pieces of design is entrusted to portoguese craftsmen. Modernity and traditional craft techiques together for creations inspired by uniqueness.

A travel on São Miguel island, in the Portugal’s Azores archipelago, in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, through the dense vegetation with its incredible shades of green, was the source of inspiration for a deluxe chandeliers’ collection that recall its atmospheres.

The Azores’ chandelier of Byond Memory Collection recreates a special weeping willow found near a lagoon and freezes a moment of contemplation. A luxuriant lighting piece, realized with brass leaves in golden trim, handmade, that allows the light to pierce and illuminate the sorroundings as a nature’s gift. Price: 7200 euro. Shipments all over the world. Info: