The summer panettone of the famous master pastry chef Luigi Biasetto, a fresh and light delight

It’s been going for years the challenge in parallel with the gastronaut Davide Paolini to celebrate mid-August with lentils, cotechino, puree and panettone. The 25 December of summer, in the house of Luigi Biasetto, the famous master pastry chef, world champion, also this year was celebrated with the sweet par excellence of the italian tradition: panettone!

«It’s absurd it’s consumed only one month a year», explain Biasetto. In his headquarter in Padova, panettone is produced all year round, almost thousand a month.

Which characteristics has your summer panettone?

«It’s a low-fat version, with 10% butter less than the winter one. We also made a series of little details to create a product that reminds to the fresh sensation everyone looks for in summer.»

Which details?

«The dough is very yellow because among the ingredients there is turmeric, known for its antioxidant anti-age properties. There’s also ginger, in juice and candied, that contributes to give the fresh sensation. Ginger is also present in the cubes inside next to the classic orange ones».

Among the other expedients?

«A delicate aromatic bouquet, fresh and summery, thanks to the combination of thirteen different spices, including cinnamon, star anise, three types of vanilla, infusion of cocoa beans, lemon, tangerine, melon, that is one of the summer tastes».

How long does it take to prepare the summer panettone?

«The times of realisation go from 42 to 48 hours. In summer we have to deal with freshly ground flour, which are too much elastic and complicate times of dough and then the high temperature, that affect leaven: the product can easily sour. That’s why all the ingredients are put in the fridge from the day before the realisation of the product.»

A light, fresh, with a delicate aroma panettone. What else?

«Juicy! In addition to cubes of ginger and orange, there is also raisin, that was left in maceration for fifteen days in zibibbo grapes cut with passito. The juice contributes to give the liquid’s component, of which, in summer, we feel the need.»

At what time of the day is it perfect to taste?

«I think it’s the perfect dessert after dinner, maybe served with vanilla ice-cream.»

The summer panettone (500 gr), is for sale in a colourful package at a cost of 21 euro, it can be bought directly from site, where ingredients and nutritional value are indicated in detail.