Travel fragrances

The collection LES AUX DE CHANEL in three fragrances PARIS-DEAUVILLE, PARIS-VENISE and PARIS-BIARRITZ, is thought to accompany big departures or only fleeting weekends. In essential and elegant bottles of 50 ml, practical to carry with you wherever you go.

Contained in a travel beauty together with an elegant trousse, they are inspired by three seaside cities close to Gabrielle Chanel. Deauville, on the Normandy coast, was an elegant escape destination of the Parisians, when its first boutique was opened in 1913. Venice, crossroad between East and West, with mosaics, gold and precious stones of the St. Mark’s Basilica, inspire the first collections of jewels. Biarritz, a French holiday resort, on the Basque coast, on the ocean. Since the XIX century was the holiday destination of that time élite, where will be inaugurated a boutique-villa. LES EAUX DE CHANEL capture the spirit of these three destinations offering in one move infinity freshness between aromatic notes (PARIS-DEAUVILLE), oriental notes (PARIS-VENICE) and fresh and energic notes (PARIS-BIARRITZ). Common thread of this seductive olfactory trio: citrus fruits of Sicily and Calabria. Price:234 euro (