Capri by electric kick scooter (chic&smart)

PERFUME&SUSTAINABILITY. Since mid-July, members of Yacht Club Capri ( can move throughout the tourist port of the island (photo above), by the super chic Spillo Carthusia, a lightweight and versatile electric kick scooter for fast and safe movement.

Carthusia ( , the prestigious brand of fragrances and perfume, historically connected to the island of Capri, returns to collaborate with V-Ita Group, an italian company of electric micro-mobility (, for the realisation of this gem with an elegant silhouette (photo above). «V-Ita Group is a Milanese company with a Campanian heart», says Carlo Parente, the CEO of V-Ita Group. «Design and great personalisation are the distinctive feature of all our products. A kick scooter like Spillo Carthusia is not, for us, only simple utility, but it is also the mirror of a lifestyle that distinguishes those who loves beauty, sea, and are able to set trend». Instead Silvio Ruocco,Carthusia’s chief executive, explains: «It was natural, for Carthusia, to resume the conversation with V-Ita Group for this new partnership». And continues: «Capri is connected, since ever, to a different mobility. Be able to support and promote it through the attention that Carthusia dedicates, transmits our continuous dialogue between tradition and future that we consider indispensable».