Naturally lifted look

The eye contour is the zone that more than the other betray the passage of the years.Among the ad-hoc products of Valmont ​( here two joker to take by travelling. Thanks to the fresh textures, they are perfect for summer.

Until the first appliance, Moisturizing EYE-C-GEL, is able to give to the skin intense hydration. The fresh texturegift an intense sensorial pleasure, while hydrates and plumps in depth. This gel smooths the wrinklesand decongests the eye contour. The skin is visibly more smooth and youththanks to its formulation with triple DNA and fats sugars, silanolthat favours the production of collagen and Menthyl’s lactatethat refreshing decongests. Its «ice-cube» effect and its light consistence make it an eye contour also loved by men. Size: 15 ml. Price 95€.

A must-have for those who often travels is Eye Instant Stress Relieving Mask, a decongestive, energising and smoothing patch, that revitalises the skin around the eyes in only 15 minutes. Compact, light and easy to apply is perfect for serial travellers: fresh and lenitive, it applies quickly in a single move. The anti-wrinkle activation liquid contains caffeine, arnica and green tea, which stimulate the microcirculation and drain toxins to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, while the biomatrix of triple seaweed rich of sodium, magnesium and enriched with calcium has a smoothing action. It can be used occasionally as SOS treatment when the signs of fatigue are clear (stress, sleepless nights, jet-lag) or as cure for a relaxing and shiny look. Confections of 5 patch masks. Price 128 euro.